Best Quote I Read in November

If you deal with something, you’re trying to get rid of it. And if you try to get rid of something, it only worsens. Everything is about understanding. Nothing is about fixing. If you want to perpetuate all your problems, and live in misery and ignorance, spend your life fixing things. –  Kapil Gupta

The first quote isn’t complete without this second one:

If I throw water on you, you won’t have to make a decision to see whether you get wet or not. It’s an internal alchemy which either occurs or doesn’t occur…Between the words and the reader of those words, something internal either does or doesn’t happen. If it does, it doesn’t happen by way of permission from the reader…You getting involved can only mess things up. – Kapil Gupta

Feranmi reads and writes about marketing, local and global financial markets, private equity and angel investing.